Knowledgeable Assistance With Estate Administration And Trust Litigation Matters

Thorough estate planning may help make the estate division and distribution process easier, but administrating an estate can still be a complicated process. Without the help of a professional, the estate administration process could drag on for months. When the terms of a trust are in dispute, finding a resolution in a reasonable amount of time can seem impossible.

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Administration of Estates

The execution of the will is likely the most well-known part of the estate administration process. An attorney can work with families to ensure that the assets are distributed to the proper beneficiaries according to the decedent’s wishes.

Attorneys can also assist with much more than just overseeing the execution of the will document. People often leave behind assets that did not make it into the will for any number of reasons. The decedent may have incurred some debts that they could not pay off before they died. An estate administration attorney can explain possible plans of action for distributing those assets or making sure those debts are settled. Beneficiaries may be required to pay taxes on the assets they receive. Attorneys who are well-versed in estate law or tax law can help explain how taxes will affect the assets and assist with preparing and filing the necessary paperwork.

Trusts Present Their Own Unique Set Of Challenges

Trusts are commonly used as estate planning tools because they help families avoid the lengthy probate process. However, like wills, trusts are not without their administrative challenges.

When someone creates a trust, they must designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive the assets controlled by the fund so the property does not wind up in the hands of the state. Occasionally, family members who believe they deserve some of the property in the trust are left out of the terms. Some family members may disagree with the inclusion of certain beneficiaries on the trust and may want to have them removed. In some instances, a beneficiary may feel that they deserve a larger share of the trust’s assets.

Trust disputes are common, but the involvement of family members and the sting of a recent loss can make resolving them difficult to handle. A trust litigator can work with the beneficiaries and the trustee in charge of the trust to resolve disputes efficiently and avoid prolonging the trust administration process.

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